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34 Holidays You Never Knew You Needed to Celebrate

As far as we are concerned, every day is 

‘Drink a Craft Brew and Send a Loved One a Beer Related Gift Day.

In case you’re after some additional justification, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 2018’s weird and wonderful holidays you never knew you should be celebrating. From hot sauce lovers and bubble bath soakers to bacon connoisseurs and emoji users, read on to find the day that is dedicated to the beer drinker in your life. 

(Disclaimer: There’s a lot of holidays out there but we’re pretty certain we have gotten these dates correct. If not, we can raise a collective glass to our mistakes and add these dates to the calendar anyway.)

Celebrate 2018 holidays with a Manflower Co gift box.


8: Clean Off Your Desk Day 
13: No Pants Subway Ride Day 
17: Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions Day 
22: Hot Sauce Day 

Perhaps the busiest month of all, January has much to celebrate. Whether you’re cleaning off your own desk to make room for a fresh bunch of Manflowers, riding public transportation sans clothing, or gifting for a hot sauce enthusiast, the most important thing to remember is that you only need to maintain your 2018 resolutions until 17January. Now that’s something worth celebrating. 

Recommended gifting: MFC x Ortc Man Socks (coming soon!), ensuring their feetwill stand out during that no-pants dance.


4: Thank Your Mailman Day

11: Make a Friend Day

17: Random Act of Kindness Day 

When we depend on Mr. Mailman for the delivery of our sacred cargo, every day is Thank Your Mailman Day. The good news is that if you’ve been waiting to advance into the friendship zone with a co-worker, neighbour or mutual acquaintance, now is your time to shine because nothing spans those awkward early stages of friendship like a box of craft beer. The great news? It doubles as an act of kindness, too. 

Recommended gifting: MFC x Limited Edition Black Orbit Key 2.0 with Multi-Tool, featuring a little something for everyone.


1: World Compliment Day

14: Pi Day

23: Puppy Day 

Is there any compliment more flattering than taking the time (approximately three minutes to be exact) to send your loved one a box of home delivered craft beer? Probably not. March is also ideal for the mathematically inclined, celebrating Pi Day with 3.14 beers for me and .86 beers for you. Two and two will work, also. 

Recommended gifting: Sample Brew Beerpost.


10: Be Kind to Lawyers Day

10: Siblings Day

28: Cubicle Day 

April is all about celebrating those around you and with four to six beers in a box, we have a feeling you’ll be getting in on the action, too. Treat your siblings, toast your co-workers, and don’t forget to be nice to your friendly neighbourhood lawyer. Bonus points if they’re also your brother. 

Recommended gifting: MFC x Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet.


6: Hanson Day

28: Hamburger Day 

We’ll give you a beer to NOT play MmmBop on repeat, though this holiday was so strange it had to be mentioned. 6 May is a good day to keep cold beers nearby, just incase you do get serenaded with the trio’s most infamous hit. 

Recommended gifting: Beerpost Six Pack. You’re going to need it.


1: Doughnut Day

4: Hug Your Cat Day 

18: International Picnic Day 

Doughnuts, cats, and picnics, June is the epitome of unusual holidays. Hug your cat, select a prime picnic spot, indulge in some sugary goodness and wash it all down with a cold craft brew. Sounds like our ideal Sunday, come to think of it. 

Recommended gifting: Sips & Sounds, ideal for setting that perfect picnic mood.


3: International Plastic Bag Free Day

7: World Chocolate Day

17: World Emoji Day 

Manflowers come in a recyclable box, so you’re all set there. Celebrate chocolate, celebrate emojis, celebrate keeping the Earth cleaner by disposing your empty Manflowers in their proper receptacle. 

Recommended gifting: Manflowers White, simple yet effective.


3: International Beer Day

10: Lazy Day 

13: International Left Handers Day 

Finally we arrive at 3 August, one of our favourite days of the year. The day that you can proclaim your love of craft beer as fiercely as you like and no one can judge you because it is a holiday, after all. We’re pretty sure that lazy day was invented to rest after a weeklong celebration of beer, which means we are happy to tip our hats to that, too. Beer loving lefties, it looks like August was made for you. 

Recommended gifting: MFC x Bellroy Notebook Cover.


1: International Bacon Day

19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

26: Love Note Day 4 

As random as they come, September’s holidays practically require a fountain of craft beer at every party. Whether you’re nibbling some bacon, pretending you’re aboard the Black Pearl, or penning the perfect cheeky love note to send your favourite beer drinker, we predict enjoyable times on the horizon for all. Accompany that love note with a box of Manflowers to really get the party started. 

Recommended gifting: MFC x Skwosh Trunks. You can’t talk like a pirate without going for a swim, after all.


1: International Coffee Day

9: International Beer and Pizza Day


International Beer Day may be in August but we’re not going to complain about a holiday dedicated to beer AND pizza at the same time. Whether the coffee is used to pep you up pre-beer or to kick those hangover blues the morning after, just sit back, sip, and send a text in all caps if you have to. 

Recommended gifting: Balter Beerpost.


13: World Kindness Day

15: Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day 

Out with the old and in with the new, those beers aren’t going to drink themselves. Celebrate World Kindness day in November by sending Babe some replacement beers to re-stock those now empty shelves. 

Recommended gifting: Beers & Beards, coinciding nicely with Babe’s Movember plans.


5: Bathtub Party Day 

25: A’phabet (No L) Day 

Beer doesn’t have an L in it. Neither does Merry Christmas. Nor bathtub. Grab your favourite craft beer and Manflower Co’s shower beer holder, it’s time to end 2018 in style. 

Recommended gifting: Beerpost + MFC shower beer holder.