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Take the guesswork out of selecting quality craft beer and send babe some Manflowers instead. Featuring the range from Melbourne based Napoleone Brewery, this four pack of liquid goodness is a gift the beer drinker in your life will actually use.


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Want to remind them how awesome you are? Celebrating a birthday? Need to apologise for last night? Hoping to score a massage? Whatever the occasion, Manflowers are your ticket to babe’s happy place. If you’re wondering if you should send babe a four pack of craft beer, the answer is always yes.

About Manflower Co

Manflower Co is based on two well established truths in life:

1. Drinking beer is fun; and, 2. Receiving presents is fun.

We make celebrating everyday occasions easy by delivering a four pack of local craft brews straight to the door. No worrying about size, colour or fit, because beer is truly one size fits all.

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