Manflower Co

Create your own Manflower Co

We've bottled up our magic gift giving formula and you can now fully customise each and every box. From the comforts of home. In ten minutes or less.

You've got the whole Manflower Co shebang at your fingertips!

To get started select your gift packaging and proceed to the next step to start adding items. We've broken down our entire shop into individual items that can be added to your box in the blink of an eye. At Step 2, you will find a collection of games, stationary, leather goods, tools and grooming products plus much more. Following this at Step 3, you will find a selection of craft beer, handmade cocktails and gourmet treats.

It's time to pass the torch to you, the new architect of the almighty gift box.

Tip: Keep scrolling down the page to view all the products.

At any stage you can check what you have added to your gift box by reviewing your 'Bundle Contents' at the bottom of the page, in the same section you'll also be able to keep track of how much you have spent.

Happy Gifting!