Manflower Co

"i just thought MENS gifting could be so much simpler, less time-consuming and it could even be fun. So I created Manflower Co"

- Emma Mazur, Founder

Welcome to Manflower Co, your men’s gifting sommelier. 

Through a curation of handpicked gift sets, we’re raising a glass to the adventurous guy. The handy guy. The fancy guy. The sit-on-the-couch-and-drink-beer guy. And every guy in between.

Manflower Co exists because men’s gifting is traditionally risky business — we all have one too many tales of birthday, anniversary, promotion, thank you and just ‘cos presents that end up in the boot of their car, or the bottom of their sock drawer. But as generous gift givers, The Man Who Has Everything isn’t the only enemy we’re up against: many of us struggle to piece together a spectacular surprise for the ones we love, even though they deserve it. We’re busy, already late for the event or just fresh out of ideas. In other words? Our plates are full, and not in the fun party food kinda way.

So, we simplified it. We started small, building tastebud-tingling, beer-filled boxes, before growing up into premium gift sets for the modern man with great taste — and not just in drinks. Deserving partners, hard-to-impress siblings, funny uncles and dads who claim your love is all they need… but some extra treats wouldn’t hurt… we’ve considered them all.

Not to be outdone by, well, ourselves, we’ve also perfected corporate gifting — because you’ve got better things to do than piece together foolproof team gifts. Like, pretending you’re actually doing some work.

Here at Manflower Co, we acknowledge that not everyone likes the same stuff. Beer or whiskey, chocolate or jerky, camping or self-care. We celebrate everyone’s taste with top shelf pairings you’d never have thought of, and gifts he’ll actually drink, use and love.

Bottoms up.