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Beer Advent Calendars: The Gifts That Keep On Giving.

Brainstorming gifts for those hard to please family members, perfecting your version of Nan's casserole recipe, fighting for fresh prawns at the supermarket. There are many stressful things that mark the arrival of silly season but gifting for craft beer connoisseurs doesn't have to be one of them. 

We've teamed up with the guy in the big red suit to brew the perfect blend of holiday joy that will get you - and your beer drinker - through this year's complex maze of Michael Bublé tunes. 

Say hello to the first ever Manflower Co Beer Advent Calendar, here to fill December with 24 days of frothy cheer.


Skip the gift wrap; this adult-sized advent calendar arrives at your recipient's front door in a custom designed, holiday themed gift box, complete with a space to indicate the obligatory to and from details. 

Equipped with 24 sections that represent the lead up to Santa's big day, you'll find one hidden beer behind each number to help carry out any Christmas countdown in style. 

In preparation of having something to look forward to all day long, we recommend popping the surface of each day's box in the AM, guaranteeing plenty of time for chilling in the refrigerator for the PM.


This box isn't your regular, boring ol' Advent Calendar, filled with stale lollies and party hats. No, we're far more craftier than that. We've packed it tighter than Santa's sack with 24 delicious craft beers, because everyone loves delicious craft beer! Each Beer Advent Calendar includes:

  • 24 dizzyingly satisfying cans of craft beer. 
  • A variety of hand-picked, award winning flavours and beer styles. 
  • The chance to support the 100% independently owned - Australian breweries who supply the goods inside each box. 
  • An elimination of the need to re-gift. 
  • A very merry holiday season for all involved.

That's 24 ways in 24 days to appreciate the silly season, awkward Kris Kringle office parties and all.

Order your beer drinker the gift that keeps on giving.

Our Beer Advent Calendars are available for pre-order until 19 November in limited quantities. With delivery beginning on 22 November, pre-ordering will ensure your beer drinker is able to start their December on a refreshing note - regardless of which of Santa's lists they ended up on.