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Binge-Worthy Presents: Matching the hottest shows with the best gifts

Our team has perused the hottest TV shows streaming right now and to make the experience even better, we've curated a collection of the best gifts that perfectly align with the themes, moods, and vibes of these incredible shows. Whether you're searching for a gift for a friend, a family member, or a work mate, you'll find plenty of inspiration below.

Elevate their next binge-watching experience right here.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls x 'Hit The Road'

How to watch: Disney+
In this exhilarating adventure series, Bear Grylls takes celebrities on mind-blowing journeys into some of the most breathtaking and treacherous terrains around the world. As they sip on those refreshing pales and flip through the ultimate road trips guide, watching "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" adds an extra dose of excitement. Prepare to witness heart-pounding cliff descents, daring helicopter drops, and intense survival scenarios. Running wild is the perfect companion to the "Hit the Road" gift set, so buckle up, grab his gear, and get ready for a wild ride!

Gift 'Hit The Road'

The King of Staten Island x 'Beard Care'

How to watch: Prime & Apple TV
It tells the story of a young man navigating his way through life in Staten Island while pursuing his dream of becoming a tattoo artist. You'll witness the journey of Pete Davidson as he learns important life lessons, discovers his true passions, and finds his own sense of identity. Just like the laid-back vibe of the film, the gift set lets you kick back, sip on those pale ales, and pamper your beard with the oil and balm. So, sit back, enjoy the movie's relatable story, and let your facial hair do the talking.

Gift 'Beard Care'

Tiger x 'Fine Golfer'

How to watch: Foxtel
He'll be able to slip into the golf socks, and don the stylish golf cap, immersing himself in the world of "Tiger". It will be like stepping onto the fairways alongside one of the greatest golfers of all time. He'll gain insights into Tiger Woods' rise to fame, his unmatched skills on the course, and the immense pressure he faced as a trailblazing figure in the sport. So, settle in, pour a glass of Pinot Noir, and let "Tiger" work its magic. It's the ideal companion for the "Fine Golfer" gift set, celebrating the sport he loves.

Gift 'Fine Golfer'

The Kardashians x '12 Can Beer Mail'

How to watch: Disney+
Let's face it, when you're engrossed in their glamorous and ridiculous world, he might need a little something to help him get through it. Picture this: you're caught up in the drama, the lavish lifestyle, and the endless selfie sessions, while he's sitting there with a cold pale ale in hand, chuckling at the over-the-top shenanigans and outrageous one-liners. It's the perfect way to keep him entertained, relaxed, and ready to join in on the occasional eye-rolling commentary. Cheers to surviving the Kardashian madness with a smile and a well-stocked fridge!

Gift '12 Can Beer Mail'

Ed Sheeran: The Sum of it All x 'Whisky Night In'

How to watch: Disney+
He'll be sipping on Starward Distillery's award-winning double grain whisky, with cosy socks hugging his feet and a delicious bar of chocolate ready to be devoured. And to top it off, he hits play on Ed Sheeran's brand new documentary. Get ready for a night filled with music, whisky, and pure Ed Sheeran magic. "The Sum of it All" will transport him into Ed's world, taking him behind the scenes of his epic journey, giving a glimpse into the crazy highs, the tough lows, and all the emotions in between. It's like having a front-row seat to Ed Sheeran's incredible journey.

Gift 'Whisky Night In'

succession S4 X 'Steak Frites'

How to watch: Binge
As they sip that smooth Penfolds Pinot Noir and savour every juicy bite of steak, "Succession" takes centre stage, immersing him in the world of power, wealth, and good ol' family drama. With those sleek steak knives and flavourful seasoning, you're bringing the Entrecote experience to the comfort of their home. It's a power-packed duo that'll satisfy your cravings for great food and addictive TV. Enjoy the feast!

Gift 'Steak Frites'

The White Lotus x 'Pool O'clock'

How to watch: Binge
If you can't gift them a beach vacay, we've got the next best thing: the "Pool O'clock" gift set FT The White Lotus. This bad boy comes packed with a high-quality beach towel and some premium swimwear, ready to transport them straight to the sun-drenched shores they've been fantasizing about. It's like a getaway in a box, bringing all the chill vibes and poolside goodness to their doorstep. Let The White Lotus whisk 'em away, no travel required.

Gift 'Pool O'Clock'

The Alpinist x 'Let's Go Camping'

How to watch: Netflix
With "The Alpinist" as their inspiration, they'll be excited to unwrap the "Let's Go Camping" gift set. Inside, they'll find a compact hammock, an ultimate camping trips Australia book, and two tasty pale ales. In this thrilling documentary, "The Alpinist" will keep them on the edge of their seat, witnessing mind-blowing climbing achievements. It's a window into the world of mountaineering legends. So, swing him into relaxation, ignite his love for the outdoors, savour those hoppy flavours, and witness jaw-dropping climbs with "The Alpinist."

Gift 'Let's Go Camping'

Ted Lasso x 'Classic Trio'

How to watch: Apple TV
Gift them The Classic Trio and introduce them to the hilarious world of "Ted Lasso"? It's a surefire way to elevate their TV-watching game and provide them with hours of laughter, delicious treats, and top-notch entertainment. "Ted Lasso" is a hilarious and heart-warming TV show that follows the journey of an American football coach as he navigates the challenges of coaching a struggling English soccer team. Picture this: you hand over The Classic Trio, complete with six delicious pale ales, a bag of crisps, and a variety of nuts that'll have their taste buds cheering. It's like a snacking dream team, ready to tackle any TV marathon.

Gift 'Classic Trio'

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