Manflower Co


Hi gift givers. Welcome to our crib. Now that we are settled in a tour is in order, and it's just like the 2019 version of MTV's hit show, but better (because, beer gifts). Take a behind the scenes look at our warehouse to see where all the beerstorming magic happens.


When we started looking for a new home, we knew it was time to put our drinking caps on and nail the essentials that surround treating your loved ones on special occasions, celebrating the everyday wins and having the ability to offer a variety of options - no two gift recipients are the same, after all - while keeping the process short and sweet for the gift giver. 

The result? A space that represents just that. A HQ that gives us room to continue to grow. A home that encapsulates all the things that make Manflower Co tick (AKA, being your ultimate destination for men's gifts). 

So, what's in it? There's the inventory shelves, helping us keep an eagle eye on the stock levels right across our range. The famous Post-It wall, where ideas and plans get categorised in a very easy to understand method (obviously). 

The packaging stacks, keeping our box options organised and giving you the ability to choose colours for gifts like the Six Can Slab. The assembly line, providing the space to prepare gifts with the same level of care and attention to detail that we use when wrapping pressies for loved ones of our own. 

And of course, there's the beer fridge. Because what's gift giving without a few sips along the way?


Like the Jeffersons we've been able to move on up, and it's all thanks to our incredible customers that understand the importance of making gift giving special (read: you).

Throughout the move, our end goal was to improve on the way we do things, streamlining all the processes that go into each and every beer gift. It's allowed us to offer faster shipping options, to dispatch your orders on the same day that they are received and to plan for all of the new products that are soon to hit Manflower Co's shelves. 

Was the move slightly terrifying? Yes. Frustrating and complicated? Usually on Mondays. Would we do it again? One hundred times. Because at the end of the day, you've helped us to help you smash your gift giving efforts out of the park, and we think that's pretty special. 

Moving into our new HQ is a milestone that we never could have achieved without you. Tonight, we'll be raising our glasses to you, to all the gift giving memories that you and your loved ones have made so far and to all of the good times that are yet to come. 

Behind the scenes.

1. We signed a lease with Clik Collective (check them out here)
2. We measured

3. Assembled a lot.
4. Assembled some more.
5. 12367 x trolley loads.
5. The NEW Manflower Co HQ is complete.

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