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THE 2024 MANFLOWER CO Valentine's day GIFT GUIDE!

V-Day on Film: Frame your Flame.

This Valentine's Day, master the art of the wink and a click. Cupid's gone rogue – forget selfies, it's all about spontaneous love shots, and Manflower Co has the perfect gifts he’ll actually want.

Explore our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and gear up to capture those 'steal your fries' moments and 'last beer' debates. Choose from our selection of curated gifts, add a personal message, and don’t forget to opt for a Kodak disposable camera at checkout to immortalize the flirty good times.

We’re ready to frame those 'I’m in the mood – to steal your fries' & 'You’re sexy – mind if I grab the last beer?' moments. We can't wait to see what develops. Let the V-Day adventures begin.

VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTING, TURNED UP A NOTCH. To perfectly match your Valentine's Day mood, our packaging suite has been specially prepared for the occasion. Featuring everything from themed tissue, cards and drink coasters, we're fully equipped to dial up the romance. Just place your V-Day order, and we'll ensure cupid gives it the V-Day vibes.

Don't Send Nudes

Why go bare when you can go beer? Let's make this Valentine’s Day less about the nudes and more about the mood... and food.

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Lovers Half-Dozen

For the one who's half your everything. 'Lovers Half-Dozen' - it's like a love letter, but with beer.


Lovers Dozen

Twelve ales for your Valentine? Now that's a dozen done right. 'Lovers Dozen' – because beer is the new bouquet.

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Simple Pleasures

Wine and chocolate – because sometimes the classic moves are the best. 'Simple Pleasures' for your straightforwardly sophisticated other half.


Wine Down

Wine, socks, chocolate – because fancy doesn’t always mean complicated. 'Wine Down' for your favourite sip-and-chill companion.


Unwind with Grohl

Dave Grohl, Pinot Noir, and chocolate – because some nights are just meant to be legendary.


Hit The Road

Perfect for lovebirds who get lost on purpose just to enjoy more beers. 'Hit the Road' – because what's a romantic getaway without a few detours and ales?


Let's Go Camping

For the guy who can pitch a tent faster than they can crack open a beer. 'Let's Go Camping' – where the stars are overhead, and the ale is in hand.

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Bear Essentials

'Bear Essentials' combines the thrill of Bear Grylls' escapades with the chill of a hammock and local pale ales. It's for the man who (thinks he can) conquers the wild.

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Sweet & Neat

Savor sophistication with Woodford Reserve and a hint of salted caramel chocolate. It's like a black-tie event, but you can wear slippers.

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Bearded Gentleman

'Bearded Gentleman' is all about hydrating in style – top-tier beard care meets a classic Old-Fashioned. It's the toast of the town for the whiskered connoisseur.

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The Old-Fashioned Happy Hour

For the guy who knows how to savour life's moments, and enjoy a good drink slowly.

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Coffee Old-Fashioned

Coffee, cocktails, chocolate: for the sophisticated night owl in your life. 'The Coffee Old-Fashioned' – where elegance meets energy.

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Cocktail Soiree

Swirl top-notch tipples and bite into Koko Black's chocolates. It's the ritzy, glitzy gift for the fancy-pants in your life!

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Spicy Margarita

For the one who likes their nights as spicy as their drinks. 'Spicy Margarita Cocktail Kit' – it's hot stuff for your hot stuff.

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Espresso Martini Kit

Espresso Martini: for when you want to stay up late and make it worth it. 'Espresso Martini Kit' – buzz and booze, the perfect duo.

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Italian Chef

Whisk them away to Italy with 'Italian Chef'! Dive into 'Pasta Grannies' secrets, drizzle golden olive oil, and spice it up with Bippi Chilli. It's amore at first taste!

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Whisky Tumbler Gift Set

For those who prefer a timeless classic over a casual beer. It's the epitome of refined indulgence, perfect for those special moments.

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We've packed this guide with goodies for every kind of guy and v-day vibe. This year, we're spicing things up with 'Frame Your Flame' – slide a Kodak disposable camera into his gift and snap the shenanigans, all it takes is a wink and a click.

So Cupid, ready to snap the real deal?