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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Beer Drinkers

It’s that time of the year again. With New Year’s resolutions still up our sleeves and the holidays in the not so distant past, finding yet another gift that shows you care can be as tricky as nailing a karaoke version of Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Why not gift the obvious and give them something they’ll gladly use now instead?  Something that’s guaranteed to let the good times roll for both of you? Something with an ordering process that’s as smooth as Barry White, keeping you far away from those overwhelming shopping centres? 

Cue: the Manflower Co Valentine’s Day gift shop. 

With two brand new boxes joining our tried and tested favourites, 

we’ve got Valentine’s Day gifts to suit beer drinkers right across Australia.

Let's put Valentine's Day on ice.

February 14 is a lot. There’s roses and cards, restaurants with too many bookings and never enough space. There’s expectations, judgement and someone in the office who will parade their arrogant bouquet of flowers around your desk pretending to “look for a vase”. All of this is to say: Valentine's day is a lot. We want no part of it and to be showered in its consumerist confetti all at once.  

Enter: Us.