Manflower Co

Manflower Co's Festive Funhouse

Welcome to the Festive Funhouse, Manflower Co's twist on holiday gifting! Think of it as your secret Santa's workshop, minus the elves and with way better taste in gifts.

In this collection, each hamper and gift is a nod to 'Merry & Bright, Boozy & Right', blending the holiday spirit with a cheeky wink. Whether it's the '12 Days of Ale-mas' bringing a hoppy countdown to Christmas, or the 'Holiday Happy Hour Box' turning living rooms into pop-up pubs, we're all about adding a dash of unexpected joy.

Looking for a gift that speaks louder than an ugly Christmas sweater at an office party? You've hit the jackpot. Our lineup is perfect for every man who appreciates a good laugh along with quality brews and bites. Dive in and find that perfectly playful present that'll make him say, 'Ho Ho Holy smokes, this is awesome!'

This holiday season, forget about silent nights and embrace the funhouse festivities with Manflower Co. It's Christmas gifting, but with more cheers and less cliché!"