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Virtual Craft Beer Tasting Experience

An element of work they won't mind taking home.

Our virtual craft beer tasting programs are brought to you live from a craft brewery and presented by the Founder or Head Brewer delivering an interactive and engaging tasting experience from the comfort of your office or home. This is the ideal way to add an element of fun to a virtual product launch, company meeting or team bonding that is inclusive in our new hybrid working environment.

Featuring Australian brewed craft beer, complimentary snacks, and the ability to tailor each project to your company’s individual style and occasion, our craft beer tasting's provide your attendees with an experience to remember. 

The process is short and sweet and here's how it works.

How it works?

Select Tasting Pack 

The craft beer tasting pack includes 6 Australian made craft brews with an array of complimentary snacks. The standard inclusions are salted peanuts, gourmet flavoured nuts and potato crisps. Optional add ons include beer glass, stubby holder and bottle openers. 

Select Event Date

Let us know your desired date for the online craft beer tasting event and our team will confirm availability with our craft beer expert(s). Typically our sessions are conducted within standard business hours.

Branding Integration

Our packaging and message cards are fully customisable, allowing you to add your own branding to the mix (subject to minimum order numbers). This extends to coordinating additional branded elements such as beer glass, stubby holders and bottle openers to showcase your brand and message.


Complete our bulk order form including who tasting boxes are for, how many you need, where and when they should be delivered and any messages that you’d like to incorporate.


All tasting boxes are individually packed, wrapped and given the green light for shipment by the Operations Manager at Manflower HQ.


On your chosen timeframe, the tasting packs will arrive at their destination ready to enjoy during the online craft beer tasting.

What's Included?

Craft Beer Tasting Gift Pack

Peanuts & crisps are the yin to beers yang. It's a dynamic trio, an ultimate flavour combination and pairing them together strikes the right balance of flavours and textures for a full tasting experience. Inside you'll find 6 Australian-made craft beers, classic salted peanuts in a beer can, savoury-sweet blend of duck-fat roasted peanuts in maple syrup and Proper Crisps. A comforting combination that evokes a sense of nostalgia and joy.

Craft Beer Expert

The term 'expert' can be thrown around fairly losely, however we take this term seriously and have partnered with actual craft beer breweries to lead a interactive craft beer tasting session facilitated from their brewery. What this means is your attendees will not only learn about the brewing process but get to see the process live in action, all whilst tasting beer that was made in that very facility. The craft beer tasting will be guided by the brewery owner or head brewer presenting on the different styles of beer, how the brewing process defers and the ingredients used.

Logistics & Delivery

Using our strong partnerships with multiple courier suppliers, delivering Australia-wide, we will work with you and advise the best delivery approach based on where and when your tasting packs need to arrive. Our services will include a tracking report which is updated regularly to provide full transparency as to the progress of the delivery process.


Let us know more about your event and what you need. We will get back to you within 1 business day.