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12 can beer mail has arrived

It's simple and it's effective, just like we've always wanted.


12 Can Beer Mail

Sometimes, all that your beer drinker needs is a four pack of Australian craft beer, packaged up with cheeky swim shorts or a ready-to-play-anywhere table tennis set up. At other times, they just need to go straight for the dozen.

It's a concept that's made the rounds at Manflower HQ before so when our founder Emma gave a twelve pack of beer the green light last month? A few things happened. Box sizing was reworked. Designs were transplanted from our traditionally tall, slim box to a flat, rectangle alternative. Anja, our resident Warehouse Wonder, discovered that somewhere between the beard oil and the shower beer holders, there was room on the shelves. 

And just like that, 12 Can Beer Mail was born. It's simple and it's effective, just like we've always wanted.

The Add-Ons:

If the last four years have taught us anything, it's that no two beer mail recipients are alike. That, and a discovery that premium duck fat roasted peanuts and smoky dark chocolate are in high demand. Sound like something that's up your beer drinker's alley?

Elevate the box - and their taste buds' experience - by opting to add Wondersnack Co nuts (available in duck fat maple and satay-inspired flavours), Empire Jerky (available in original, habanero and jalapeño lime flavours) or a bar of Hey Tiger Co chocolate to the mix.

The Personalisation:

Sure, sending beer on its own could convey the message you're trying to get across but this humble box is no wordsmith - we thought it best to throw in a few personalised words, just in case. 

Pair our twelve tins of glory with one of six occasional cards (birthday, anniversary, thank you, congratulations, I'm sorry or a blank canvas) to give your loved one the gift they deserve, because when you can't visit in person, a box of twelve thirst- quenching crafties and a heartwarming note really is the next best thing.

The Delivery:

We realise that if there's ever been a time to send a pick-me-up, it's now, so we are working hard to make sure it's business as usual at Manflower HQ. 

Simply select standard, express or same day (Melbourne only) delivery at checkout and we'll let our team know where and when to make the contactless drop off.

Here's the nitty gritty on our Covid-19 updates in the meantime.

The road to your beer drinker's front door starts here.