Manflower Co

Christmas in the Manflower Co house

You can tell it’s a Manflower Christmas by the huge food coma. 

Every family celebrates Christmas differently — and it turns out so does every colleague. We quizzed ours on their fav Christmas traditions, and unsurprisingly, there’s indulgence-a-plenty. Why? Because whether it’s something wholesome like a Christmas movie marathon, or something simple, like a glass of whiskey with your fav person, after two years of lockdowns (and some borders still keeping families apart) traditions are more important than ever.

“Our Christmas starts on December 1 with putting up the tree. The whole family wears either Santa hats or Christmas masks… We play Michael Buble Christmas tunes and everyone has the same job every year. We take silly photos as well… and then it ends in an agrument over whose turn it is to put the star on top. One of my MOST fav things to do which has become a tradition is to have a slice of leftover homemade pavlova for brekky on Boxing Day. Brings a smile to my face just thinking about it!!”


“Christmas for me is all about returning to my hometown in NZ, but alas that will not be the case this year, and like many of us we will have to create new traditions. Every year my mum would mix up the side dishes, but some things were always on the table no matter what: roast lamb for mains, pavlova and chocolate eclairs for dessert, and chocolate coated strawberries. It's like Christmas isn't Christmas without them so I'll be making sure they’re on my feasting menu!"


“Our family tradition is to give a gift of pajamas on Christmas Eve. Kids get SO excited and it’s always lovely to have fresh new pajamas for your Christmas morning photos!"


Feel like making some new Christmas traditions? Surprises filled with the most epic gifts is a good place to start.