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Dad moments all dads can relate to

Let’s face it: nothing can prepare you for parenthood. Between the sleepless nights and finding new ways to keep the troops entertained, it’s no wonder there’s an entire day dedicated to celebrating dads.

As part of our Father’s Day celebration, Dadflower, we wanted to go straight to the source to hear how becoming a dad changes life — for the better, for the challenging, and for the funny.

Relatable, no?

Dad Moment 1:

The unforgettable clean-up duties

“My craziest dad moment would have to be pumping a constipated gassy baby's legs till they exploded a semi solid nugget into my face.”

- Alik

Dad Moment 2:

The hardest of goodbyes

“When my daughter was three weeks old, she needed life-changing surgery. I got the job to take her into the theatre. I remember handing her to a pediatric anesthetist and asking her to give her back to me in one piece. That was the hardest moment of my life.”

- Tim

Dad Moment 3:

The mind-blowing milestones 

“The best thing about being a Dad is seeing the kids reach milestones in their life. First time walking. First words. First time riding a bike. First day at school.”

- Nick

Dad Moment 4:

The hidden challenges

“It’s a tough subject but dads are often forgotten about in the fertility and child rearing process, especially in the early days. The infertility journey and the first year of being a dad was super tough for me, too. The expectation is that dads do everything they used to, and just squeeze in all these extra responsibilities. I think there needs to be more awareness of that.”

- Tim

Dad Moment 5:

The missed play dates

“Both of our families live worlds away from where we live, and we haven't been allowed to have family here to help out and support us. COVID has also meant we've missed out on a lot of visits from our parents, friends and family who are missing out on watching her grow up. So that's been super sad and testing.”

- Kallum

Dad Moment 6:

The ultimate Zoom juggle

“One major challenge has been learning how to extract a child from the home office mid-way through an important work call.”

- Matt

Dad Moment 7:

The unexpected feelings

“My favourite thing about being a dad so far has been experiencing so much pride from seeing my son hit milestones and the look of achievement on his face.”

- @themodernbloke

Dad Moment 8:

The lucrative business ideas

“I never imagined myself spending my time painting nails and doing make-up. I may open a salon as a side hustle.”

- Alik

Dad Moment 9:

The surprise showers

“We were out for dinner not long after Toby was born and noticed that my wife had a let down of milk — she was soaked! It’s so funny when you don’t know about all the weird and wonderful things you are in for when becoming a parent.”

- Ryan

Okay, so we know dad life isn’t all poker nights and golf days. So to help you show the love and appreciation this Father’s Day, we’ve taken the guesswork out of what to get him with our Dadflower curated gift sets. After the year we’ve had, dad deserves it more than ever. 

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