Manflower Co

The Ultimate Dadflower Gift Guide

Have you heard? As we approach Father’s Day, we’re letting dads take over Manflower Co because…. well, because they deserve it. For the past couple of years now, dads have worn many hats: teacher, provider, chef, entertainer and protector — just to name a few. We think this Father’s Day should be extra spesh!

As part of Dadflower (yep, that’s what we’re calling it) we’ve curated a bunch of gift sets for every single type of dad, from foodies to fashion icons and everyone in between. We even got the green light from a bunch of real dads.

So whether you have a stay-at-home dad, sports mad dad or home schooler dad in your life, we’ve got a gift set that’ll make his Father’s Day. Okay, let’s be honest: his entire year. 


“I need sleep and alcohol.
And not necessarily in that order.”

- Alik

Hi thirsty, I'm Dad
Gift Set

A 6-can tasting platter of beers, and a tee with his favourite dad joke.

Cheers to you, Dad
12 Can Beer Mail

Treat dad to a beer safari. Just what he needs after a long day of being a dad.


“Before becoming a dad, I never imagined wearing so many princess dresses and pretty headbands.”

- Tim

World's Strongest Dad

Socks, but make it fashion. Add beer and snacks and you’ve got the best gift ever.

Socks & Beer

The ultimate dad duo: stylish socks and tasty beer. You can’t go wrong.


“My perfect day is a bike ride in the morning, and a game of golf in the afternoon.”

- Nick

The Golfer

Deck dad out with everything he’ll need to beat all of his friends at golf.

Dartboard Gift Set

Darts, nuts and beer? Sounds like a dream day in Dad’s man cave.


“I have been known to wear my long pyjamas under my work clothes in winter.”

- Barry

Classic Trio

Take Dad to his happy place with this comforting combination that evokes a sense of nostalgia and joy. 

Dog Dad

For Fun Dads and Fur Dads alike: animal socks, beer nuts, chocolate and drinks. 


“For Father’s Day, I’d like… food. I love food.”

- Peter

Cheers to You Dad, Gift Pack

All dad wants is to be left alone with his beer, salty peanuts and beef jerky.

BBQ & Beers

Yes. Beer, hot sauce and his very own apron will make him BBQ even better.


“When no one else is watching, me and other dads talk about motorbikes, travel, adventure and tyres. Tyres bring out the opinionated in us.”

- Ryan

Hammock + Beer

Picture it: Dad swinging in his hammock, drinking beer. You’ll be his favourite person.

Swim Shorts + Beer

Swim shorts and beer. So he doesn’t need to bring a thing on the Father’s Day adventure.


“There’s not much that a good glass of whiskey can’t fix.”


Starward Two-Fold & Glasses

Starward Two-Fold Whiskey and glassware for the fanciest of dads among us.

The Coffee Old Fashioned

Coffee Old Fashioned cocktails and espresso chocolate? Don’t mind if he does.

Want to make Dad cry?
Don’t forget to add a personalised card. Of course he’ll tell you he’s just got something in his eye, but you’ll know the truth.