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The good, the bad, the really embarrassing:
9 dads on being a dad

The calendar says Father’s Day is fast approaching. Ahead of this momentous occasion, we chatted to a handful of VID’s (aka, Very Important Dads) to quiz them on what dad life is *really* like. You know, the good, the bad, and the really embarrassing.

As part of our epic Dadflower campaign (have you spotted our extra special gift sets and merch?) these dads have weighed in how fatherhood has changed them, what a typical day in their house looks like, their favourite dad joke (we went there) and stacks more.

And now, we’re sharing some of our fav answers with you. May they remind you how cool dads are, how much they bring to our lives, and how much they deserve a big ‘ol treat this Dad’s Day. 

Hi, Dads. 

Q. What is your craziest, funniest or most embarrassing moment as a dad, so far?

“Shortly after my son was born, I took a job in an aged care home. On my second shift I was there to support an elderly man as he died. Leaving that shift and then holding my baby straight after was such a surreal experience; life and death in one day. I was so overcome with emotion that one day my baby boy would be an old man. Did I mention surreal?”

- Tom

“Changing dirty nappies whilst on video conference calls has become a regular event. Note: make sure the camera is turned off.”

- Nick

“Just last night I was taking little Indie for a shower with me and before I got a chance to get into the shower I felt this unusual warm liquid spraying down my side and realised I was being peed on...””

- Kallum

“I managed to lose my oldest boy when he was two. Longest five minutes of my life. Dads, I do not recommend telling your wife that your child can’t be located.”

- Matt

Q. How has becoming a Dad changed you?

“It completely changed my priorities and changed the way I see the world. Changed the way I react and respond to people. It has given me a place in the world, a purpose, a reason for doing it all.”

- Tim

“It's made me more motivated to set a great example and to appreciate the small things.”

- Phil

Q. What is the best thing about being a dad?

“It doesn’t matter how many hours you're awake or frustrated because as soon as you get a smile or giggle from your child everything is worth it.”

- Ryan

“The occasional but reciprocal ‘I love you daddy’ at bedtime.”

- Alik

“The pride from seeing my son hit milestones and the look of achievement on his face.”

- @themodernbloke

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