Manflower Co

Embrace Winter With Our 
Beanie + Beer Gift Box

Winter is coming. So is a brand new gift box featuring 100% Australian wool and 100% Australian beer. 

We like to keep things local like that. 

Introducing the Beanie + Beer Gift Box, the result of our new brand partner and thoughtful friends over at Will & Bear. Whether you’re interested in encouraging your beer drinker to embark on some outdoor excursions during the cooler months, to fire up the backyard BBQ and enjoy some sneaky Tuesday evening brews, or to simply embrace weekend wanderings, Beanie + Beer is an outdoor adventure waiting to begin. 

The beanie.

The word on the streets

Don’t just take our word for it that our one of a kind, thirst quenching gift boxes regularly result in a good time for all involved. See what some of the past Manflower Co sippers have to say about it.

"Buying this for my boyfriend got him hooked on a new beer he never even thought to try plus it was the best thing seeing him receive it at his door as a surprise!"

- Alana

"This is a f*#$ing brilliant idea! Beer and socks delivered to his office in a blokey looking box. Spot on!"

- Hope

Nothing calls for a new adventure quite like a subtly stylish hat and a four pack of irresistible brews landing on your doorstep unexpectedly. Embrace spontaneity in winter weather by surprising your beer drinker with the Beanie + Beer Gift Box today.