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The World Famous Manflower Co Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022 Edition

It’s bigger than Dad’s collection of “funny” jokes.

Dad probably doesn’t even know it yet, but this is where all of his Father’s Day dreams come true. An entire gift guide dedicated to the things he loves most? It doesn’t get much better than this. Except maybe on the morning of 4 September, when you’ll get to witness his face light up like a Christmas tree.

If you’ve been playing along at home for a while now, you’ll be familiar with our self-confessed World Famous Gift Guide. And you’ll know that when it comes to spoiling dads, Santa doesn’t have s**t on us.

Take 2021, for example. We sent out 3000+ gifts around the country, had 1 TV debut, quenched the thirst of 1000's of dads and heard 5 million terrible jokes. We loved every minute.

 It’s a big call, but we dare say the 2022 Edition of our Father’s Day Gift Guide is even bigger, even better than the year before.


We know one or two things dads LOVE to unwrap. So here’s over 10 gift ideas.

Hi Thirsty, I’m Dad

For the one who likes dad jokes almost as much as beer.

Hi Thirsty, I’m Dad 2.0

For the one who deserves to have his Father’s Day socks levelled up. 

Hi Thirsty, I’m Dad 3.0

For the one who deserves something to wear, and drink.

Beers & Cooler Bag

For the one who likes his beers and snacks to travel with him.

Wireless Charger Gift Set

For the one who appreciates good design and tech.

Hit The Road

For the one who’d rather be drinking beers on sand somewhere.

Summer Days

For the one who deserves something to wear, and drink.

Wine Down 2.0

For the one who wants to read more books and drink better wine.

Grill Master BBQ

For the one who won’t let anyone within a 100m radius of his BBQ.

Wine Drinking Chef 

For the one who cooks better when he’s two glasses deep. 

Fine Golfer 

For the one who golfs in the morning, drinks in the evening. 

An Old-Fashioned Celebration

For the one who likes his drinks Old Fashioned, and his accessories modern. 

Let’s Go Camping 

For the one who is ready for an adventure (and a beer) at all times. 

Whiskey Tumbler Gift Set 

For the one who loves the luxury bar experience, without leaving the couch. 


Extra special dads deserve extra special gifts. Create your own gift set!

Fussy dad or husband? Got your eye on something in another gift set? Want to make your present even more thoughtful? Right this way. You can create your own customised gift in four easy steps. 

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