Manflower Co

Gifts for him (that are really secretly for you)

Showering your loved ones in gifts: cute. Showering them in gifts that you can use too: ingenious.

Here are our top 5 gifts for him (and you) this holiday season, because no one should get left behind at Christmas (especially gift-givers).

Red for him. Reading for you.

Wine Down 2.0 has everything you need for a cosy night in. A light-bodied Penfolds Pinot Noir, a pair of Ortc Clothing Co Socks and the best-selling memoir ‘The Happiest Man on Earth’ — Eddie Jaku’s moving story of life after the holocaust. 

Cider for him. Seltzer for you.

Our Cider + Seltzer Cooler Bag Gift Set showers you both in bubbles. Featuring 2 craft ciders, 2 seltzers, a bag of nuts, Koko Black All Over Pavlova Chocolate and an insulated cooler bag to keep it all fresh. Mix, share, snack and enjoy.

Puzzles for him. Peace & quiet for you.

Take It Slow — literally. Our beach-house inspired gift box contains everything you need for a weekend away: peace, puzzles and personal space. Featuring an intricate 500-piece puzzle, Wondersnack Co nuts, a Koko Black Christmas chocky block and a bottle of the good stuff: double grain whisky by Starward Distillery. Zone out, chill out and keep the cricket talk to an all-time low this summer.

Shorts for him. A cap for you.

Buy yourself a cap instead of stealing theirs for once. Our Hole In One Box is made for days in the sun, packed with fun shorts from Skwosh and an Ortc Clothing Co golf hat that looks way cuter on you than it ever would on him. The finishing touch? A coupla 'TaylorMade' lager beers to share.

No more lost keys for him. No more headaches for you.

Mr Organised is finally here. If you haven’t heard of Orbitkey, prepare to have his your life changed. Leather, lightweight and durable, this key organiser folds 7 keys into a neat, silent stack for easy accessibility and zero pocket jingles. Celebrate this new-found silence dressed in a pair of Ortc Clothing Co socks and a bottle of double grain whiskey in hand — would you look at that, they’re in this box too.

Wait, there’s more! 

We’re also giving the gift of time (generous, we know). Get same day dispatch when you order by 1pm AEDT. Same day delivery in Melbourne (from $12.95), and FREE same day delivery for orders over $150. You can thank us later.