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Journey to Fatherhood According to Real Dads.

Father’s Day is tomorrow. Ahead of this momentous occasion, we chatted to a handful of VID’s (aka, Very Important Dads) to quiz them on what dad life is *really* like. You know, the good, the bad, and the really embarrassing.

These dads have weighed in how fatherhood has changed them, what a typical day in their house looks like, their favourite dad joke (we went there) and stacks more.

And now, we’re sharing their journey to fatherhood. May they remind you how cool dads are, how much they bring to our lives, and how much they deserve a big ‘ol treat this Dad’s Day. 

Hi, Dads. 

Tell us about your journey to Fatherhood?

“My wife and I both wanted to be around our kids as much as possible when they were young. This meant both going down to part time work and swapping a regular pay check and a 9-5, for financial wobbliness and lots of free time. Best decision we ever made. Being a father is, by far, the most challenging and joyous part of my life. It's made me more humble because I realise how much there is to learn and how much help I need to be the sort of dad I want to be for my boys.”

- Tom

“I was married in 1974 to Adele (Not the Singer) and we had three beautiful children who we still think the world of today.”

- Barry

“After years dealing with a broken back and numerous surgeries and not being able to have a child it just made Toby being born even better!”

- Ryan

“Timing is everything, I was and still am very career focused. Building a business on my own takes up a lot of time and a lot of energy. So becoming a father was something I dearly wanted but was something that needed to wait. My Fiancé and I had a plan to go on one more grand over sea's trip to Italy planned before we were about to start working on creating our own little family, and due to the global circumstances we were unable to make that trip happen but what we were blessed with was the news that our little family was about to begin earlier then we expected. And I couldn't have been happier.”

- Kallum

“When two people love each other very much... Oh that's not what you meant? Well we were lucky enough to get news of a new arrival ahead of schedule it was scary and life changing but I wouldn't change it for the world. ”

- Alik

“Around 8 years ago my wife and I stopped trying to not have a kid….the rest is a bit of a blur and I’m now a dad to a 7, 4 and 2 year old.”

- Matt

“Long IVF journey to have our daughter (7-8 years). Dad for the first time at 35 years old. Duaghter was born with a few challenges which have consumed nearly 3 years of our lives now. Charlotte is doing really well. Has been a bit of a journey”

- Tim

“ I am a dad to three crazy, wild, funny and completely different children. I never dreamed that from the moment they took their first breath my children filled my life with a deeper purpose than I had ever experienced. It took me a while to settle and mature into fatherhood from initially feeling overwhelmed through lack of sleep, fear of not being a great father to having the confidence that giving me best is enough. I love being a father and because of this, I get so much enjoyment out of my kids. ”

- Gavin

Whether you've celebrate Father's Day with a gift from Manflower Co, a homemade card or showing your love with breakfast in bed. We hope you and your family have a wonderful day. From the team at Manflower Co.