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Manflower Co + Go-To Skin Care Collaboration

Manflower Co + Go-To Skin Care Collaboration


Just like everyone needs their tried and trusted coffee order, every man needs a reliable skin care product.

Skin care that won’t damage their handsome face or their masculine image, skin care that is quick to use and straightforward, skin care that gets delivered to their front door in a black box complete with craft brews and a shower beer holder inside.

Our Man-Shower Essentials gift box, offering skincare for men with a twist.

Wait, what?

If you thought getting your man to care for his skin was too good to be true, sending him this Man-Shower Essentials gift box guarantees you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

We are excited to have teamed up with the aptly named skin care company Go-To by Zoe Foster Blake to deliver our latest gift box that is designed to break down babe’s masculinity barriers and unhealthy skin day in and day out. Precisely once a day, if we’re being specific.

Haven’t heard of Go-To? It’s effective, natural skin care that’s cruelty free and boasts that ever important male tick of approval.

So what’s in this magic gift box?

  1. Bro-To Properly Clean face wash, master of handsome smoothness and effortless skin nourishment
  2. Four refreshing Gold Coast brewed Balter craft beers, best used as a reward for having cleaned said skin
  3. Bro-To's handy shower beer holder, since sometimes post-shower is just too long to wait for a Balter

An alternative to standard skin care for men, The Man-Shower Essentials gift box.

In the same way that Balter beers have mastered the art of bridging all lifestyles, occasions and (legal drinking) age gaps, Bro-To doesn’t discriminate. Mature or fresh faced, oily or dry, adorned with stubble or smooth as can be - simply hand your man the bottle of light, foamy mousse and he’ll be off to the races.

How do the Man-Shower Essentials work?

Life is short and we like to unscramble the process of gift giving. For step by step instructions, see below.

The Manflowers
1. Order the gift box online
2. A black box appears on the door step
3. Babe opens the box

The Beer
1. Stick beer holder to shower wall
2. Pop the top of a Balter
3. Drink beer while showering

The Skincare
1. Lather Bro-To Properly Clean on wet face
2. Massage into skin
3. Rinse

    Is the search for a skin care that babe will actually enjoy using on his own, without reminders, finally over? We’re quietly confident but there’s only one way for you to find out.

    Order our Man-Shower Essentials gift box and watch babe’s skin and happiness levels reach their full potential.


    Want to try the Man-Shower Essentials for FREE?

    Man-Shower Essentials giveaway including Go-To Properly Clean for her.

    We’ve got not one, not two but three packs of Man-Shower Essentials that we are gifting to our readers this month. Go-To has even added its Properly Clean face wash for ladies to the giveaway bundles, because we all know that couples who wash their faces and drink beer in the shower together, stay together.

    We like to keep entering our giveaways short and sweet, so all you have to do is hop over to @manflowerco on Instagram and tag a friend in our giveaway post.

    That’s it, you’re entered. Want to double your chances? That’s fine. We’ll be posting again in a few days and you are most welcome to continue tagging away. The winner will be announced in the coming weeks on our Instagram page so you’ll want to give that guy a follow to see if you and babe are the chosen ones.