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It’s refreshingly simple, undeniably smooth, and changing the way you gift for your beer drinker this holiday season.

Meet Sips & Sounds, the Wonderboom speaker and Balter craft beer combo that has just made its way to Manflower HQ.

Image of Manflower Co’s Sips & Sounds holiday gift pack.

Ideal for picnics, beach days, camping trips, and any gathering where you’re looking to take ‘dancing in the moonlight’ to the next level, the items in this irresistible gift box are set to become a permanent fixture near your esky for years to come.

What’s the ‘Wonderboom’?

Wireless, compact and virtually indestructible, the super-portable bluetooth speaker by Ultimate Ears (UE) is conquering the music scene one listener at a time.

Featuring up to 10 hours of high quality music and a serious ease of use, the beautifully loud device has quickly become our favourite mood setter for all occasions.

Image of Manflower Co’s Sips & Sounds box featuring the Wonderboom speaker and Balter beer.

The speaker can even be attached to backpacks and bicycles for the beer drinking adventurers, making it one holiday item that will never need to be re-gifted.

The best part? It’s waterproof. If the Wonderboom is in need of a clean after your beer drinker’s outdoor excursions, simply give the speaker a rinse and it’s ready for the next performance.

Where can I get one?

Santa can’t do all the gifting this holiday season but we know you’re busy, too. Simply choose your Wonderboom colour (black, blue or grey) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Order your beer drinker one of Manflower Co’s holiday gift packs.

Carefully packaged in the iconic Manflower Co black box, the Wonderboom comes with four Gold Coast brewed Balter beers which means the good times can well and truly start as soon as the box is opened.

And, while we’re not saying we designed Sips & Sounds with the giver in mind, we’re pretty sure it’s one thing you won’t mind seeing around the house.

You bring your favourite playlist, we’ll bring the beer. A party awaits.