Manflower Co



It’s no secret that good things come in sixes.

Specifically, the latest edition to the Manflower Co family.

We are excited to now offer the option to surprise your beer drinker with six packs of dizzyingly satisfying, Australian brewed craft beer, sent direct to their doorstep and packaged in an elegantly designed box. You know that soft spot in their heart that they reserve for you? It’s about to become a little softer.

We already knew that six beers are better than four, so adding this handsome package to our lineup was a no brainer. Having two extra brews means there is more to go around, so you may even score yourself a sip, too.

Call it six or call it half a dozen, this double trifecta is ready to be enjoyed.

How beer delivery works

Sending Manflowers is gifting for beer drinkers made ridiculously easy. Simply select your beer of choice, choose a beer delivery date (Melbourne only) and add a personalised note. Before you know it, they will receive a knock on their front door and find a refreshing six pack of beer waiting on the other side.

What’s on tap this month

Your beer drinker deserves the best, which is why our shelves are stocked with Sample Brew and Balter beers waiting to be delivered to their lucky recipients. Whether it’s one of the Melbourne based beverages or the Gold Coast native that is tickling your fancy, simply say the word and the beer of choice will be yours.

Looking to send more than beer?

Browse our limited edition range of gift packs that will see your beer drinker receiving an additional item nestled amid their refreshing bundle of joy. From wallets to swim shorts, we’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone.

Send your beer drinker a six pack of Manflowers today.