Manflower Co

Manflower Co x Ortc Clothing: 

A limited edition Father’s Day gift for funny, cool and thirsty dads

Dadflower is back, and this year, he’s bringing style and lols

Remember Dadflower from 2021? Well he’s back — and he’s funnier, more stylish and even better at gifts than last year. If that’s even possible.

ICYMI, Dadflower was our extra special campaign celebrating dads of all kinds. We felt they deserved a super thank you after the year that was, so we showered them in beer and quizzed them on what it’s really like being a dad.

We also released some limited edition merch, sporting dad’s iconic line, ‘Hi Thirsty, I’m Dad’. It seemed you (and dads everywhere) loved it, because it sold out in record time! 

So this year, like dad on the dancefloor at a family wedding after one too many red wines, we’re taking it up a notch: we’ve teamed up with our favourite Aussie men’s fashion brand, Ortc Clothing, so you can give the man in your life a gift that will quench his thirst, satisfy his humour, keep his style in check and include his mini me.

In this limited edition gift set, you’ll find Ortc Clothing caps and socks have been given a dad joke makeover. 

We’ve taken Ortc Clothing’s much-loved caps and socks, and added our best-selling ‘Hi Thirsty, I’m Dad’ logo. Call it an unofficial licence for dad to unleash ALL the dad jokes. You’ve been warned.

Treat dad to a done-for-you gift set.

We’ve put together a done-for-you, foolproof gift set that will tick every one of dad’s boxes.


Pre-order Dad and his mini matching swimwear gift set.

Prefer to curate your own? We’ve also got Ortc Clothing swim shorts for dad and his mini me, so you can build a box that, let’s be honest, might make him cry. Don’t forget to add hats, socks and caps — and beer, for thirsty dads. 

PSA: This is a pre-order set, so get in quick before it sells out (again) and will send it out to you from 22 August, in time for the big day.