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The Merrymaking Gift Guide by Manflower Co.

Premium present picks for glad tidings and all that.

Put the shortbread away. We’re leaving disappointing presents in the past and ringing in the merriment with top-shelf gifts to have him singing fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-love it.

If you’ve spent Christmas at Manflower manor, you’ll know that our guide’s got good taste written all over it. And this year, we’re going even bigger with our best and merriest gift guide yet. Stick that in your stocking, Santa.

Reach for refreshments from the Manflower Cart with tasteful appearances from our pals — beer, wine and whisky — plus golf goodies, BBQ gear and all the gadgets. Hell, we might even throw in the steak knives. Let the merrymaking begin! Christmas tree.


What’s merrier than the 12 Days of Christmas? Seventeen gift ideas for the modern man. Catch up.

Grill Master

Pale ale and a page-turner for perfecting his already above-average BBQ skills.

Beer & Cooler Bag Gift Set

A gift to help him keep his cool and his drinks (and snacks) even cooler. 

Ready To Picnic

For the one who is always up for a Sunday session at the local park.

 Pool O'clock

Best served with a martini and oversized cigar, preferably while you watch other people exercise.

Hit The Road

For the future “I’ve been everywhere, man” man.

Summer Days

For the one that reckons every summer day’s a “day for it”. You know the one.

Sand Searching

For the one that believes the best memories are made on a towel under the sun with water nearby.

The Cyclist

JFK once said, "Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike", this gift box agrees.

Fine Golfer

Pinot, putter-perfect socks and a cap to up his game on and off the green.

Whisky Tumbler Gift Set

For the man who prefers the finer things in life. And prefers them sofa-side. 

The Famous Four

Bring the cocktail bar to him. BYO garnish, glad tidings and wanky waistcoats.

Steak Frites

For the man who wants a fancy French bistro experience, in his fanciest trackies.

A Christmas Celebration

A ho-ho-hamper to have him jingling all the way.

Simple Pleasures

A reliable way to say ‘sorry’, ‘thanks’, and happy, merry, all of that.

A Christmas Moment

For the festive man, made merrier with Mumm.

Whisky Night In

For the classy character swapping social events for private gatherings. 

Wholly Whisky Christmas

For strong, silent types looking forward to wholly (whisky) nights.


But, what about her?

The more the merrier, right? Our sister gifting brand After Hours have hand-picked gifts for the woman in your life, no matter the occasion. Go take a peek at what they’ve prepared for Christmas and place yourself firmly in the ‘nice’ list this year. 


Checked their list? Twice?! Make your own gift set.

Alright, Saint Nick. Here’s how to build your customised gift in four easy steps … a Christmas miracle if we’ve ever seen one.


Don’t miss Christmas morning.

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