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A Love Party byManflower Co.

Ready to shake up gift-giving this V-Day?

This Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating your good taste in lovers and friends with sips, snacks & special things, all wrapped up ready to serve at your very own love party.

The Manflower Co Cart is serving limited edition ‘Make your own cocktail kits’, bar provisions as well as our full range of premium gift boxes. If you’ve attended a Manflower Co Valentine’s Day before, you’ll know that our gift guide holds the key to a v-good V-Day.

Thanks to our top shelf pairings and your good company, this year Valentine's day is going to give a whole new meaning to ‘Happy Hour’ (wink, wink). Be prepared with your bar provisions of choice, the Manflower Co bar cart is open and ready to shake up gift-giving this V-Day.


Here are your love party cocktail ideas. Now shake up gift-giving. Then stir.

Spicy Margarita

We're throwing out the rule book and making the Marg on our terms - SPICY. So if you're in the mood for a scandalous soiree or a hot happy hour, form an orderly queue.

Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is a iconic, utterly delightful, refreshing, summer cocktail. If you need to seduce a gin lover, the Tom Collins is a classic gin cocktail beloved by gin lovers across the world.

Espresso Martini

Kick start your flirty and fancy love party and make a bar-worthy cocktail from the privacy (wink, wink) of your home. 

Amaretto Sour

May we introduce you to the Amaretto Sour, a succulent and easy-sipping cocktail with the perfect balance of sweet 'n' sour.

Whisky Sour

Shake things up and make one of the most popular sour cocktails in history, the Whisky Sour. It will be worth every extra second.

Send the bar to them. Simply pour, garnish and have it made.

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail's with a sophisticated subtle twist, decadent chocolates and world renowned glassware; this is how to leave an impression.

The Famous Four

For the classy character swapping social events for private gatherings. 

Coffee Old-Fashioned

A classic cocktail recipe, with a typically Melburnian caffeinated kick.

Cocktail Party

Whether it's an aperitif or a nightcap they're after, this classic cocktail combination are sure to cover all bases.

The Old-Fashioned

BYO bartender with a cocktail set designed to impress. Who said romance was dead?

Cocktails For Two

For the man who prefers the finer things in life. And prefers them sofa-side. 


You can't spell Valentine without ale.

Lovers Dozen

What’s better than one beer? 12, obviously. Keep things spicy by letting us choose each crafty brew.

Beer Celebration

Cheers to love with a four pack of craft beer, paired with a set of Riedel Beer Glasses, moreish nuts and Tony’s chocolate. Perfect for picnics, drive-ins and unexpected house calls.

6 Can Beer Mail

Cheers to beer love with 6 signature craft beers accompanied by a Valentine’s Day themed coaster and card. 

Ready To Picnic

For the one who is always up for a Sunday session at the local park. Also, needs a new lunch bag.

Beer, Choc & Nuts

A surprise package anyone would be happy to receive: beer and chocolate. Includes: three craft beers, moreish nuts and a block of decadent chocolate.

Hit The Road

For the one who’d rather be drinking beers on sand somewhere.

Let's Go Camping

For the one who has a love affair with the outdoors.


Simple Pleasures

Red wine and chocolate, name a better pair...

Wine Down

The Wine Down Set comes with a cracking bottle of Bin 23 Pinot Noir, polkadot socks, Koko Black chocolate almonds and choccie block.

Wine Night In

A reliable way to say ‘you knock my socks off’, I love you and all of that.

Wine Celebration

Post dinner date night cap - choccie, red wine and you :P

Send Downtime

A wine gift with just the right amount of warmth. Red wine, choccie and a sharp pair of socks.

Have something special in mind? Flex your creative curation muscle with a customised gift set they’ll never forget.


Don’t miss the love party.

Order by February 13th with Express Shipping for the best chance of getting it signed, sealed and delivered on time. 

With compliments,
Manflower Co.