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Shower beer holder + four pack of Balter beer = the best way to celebrate the footy finals.

It’s that time of the year again. The time when devoted footy fans across the country adorn their team’s attire in hopes that this time, the title is theirs.

The time when refrigerators are brimming with the best local brews, when game
day menus are perfected not once but twice as the tastiest versions of guacamole make their way to your kitchen. The anticipation in the air is palpable and there’s no denying, the AFL finals are upon us.

Maybe your footy fan is in need of sympathy after his truly beloved got knocked out of the competition last week. Maybe he needs an anchor of calm during this oh-so-stressful time as his idolised team proudly charges ahead in the war against their biggest rivals.

Allow us to introduce you to the footy finals companion they never knew they
needed - our shower beer holder. Yes, you read that right. A shower beer holder,
also known as the second best shower companion they’ve ever had.

Image of Manflower Co shower beer holder.

Featuring a sleek, durable and minimalistic design, this limited edition contraption is the stuff of dreams. It’s so durable, in fact, that once suctioned to the wall, it’s able to support their favourite beer and their team spirit at the same time. Who knew such a thing existed.

Being devout footy fans ourselves, we’ve bundled our essential shower beer holders with four packs of Gold Coast brewed Balter beer, available for this week only.

Image of Balter beer, included with Manflower Co’s shower beer holder.

Whether your footy fan needs 10 minutes with a refreshing brew in the shower to escape reality and mentally prepare for the task ahead or 10 minutes to commiserate the opportunity lost, gifting them with this shower + beer combo ensures you’re in his winning books regardless of the game’s final outcome.

And, while this bundle may be gifted during finals week, no one says the shower beer holder is restricted to prepping for the footy. Didn’t he mention dinner with the in-laws next week? Sounds like you’ll be in need of some liquid courage, too.

Order your footy fan this limited edition shower beer holder + four pack of Balter
beer, on offer from Monday 25 September until Sunday 1 October while stocks last.