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Winter, right?

We're all bundled up while our social feeds are flooded with folks living their best lives in the European summer. It's like a constant stream of blue skies and gelato while we're just trying to keep our toes warm.

And while we can't zap him to a sun-soaked Tuscan villa, we've got an alternative that's the next best thing to a winter getaway (well, nearly). The best part? No exorbitant airfares involved. Deliver a slice of warmth right to his doorstep with a tailor-made gift that offers a cosy distraction from the winter chill and the steep cost of living.

We've got a selection of gift ideas below to spark your creativity. Feel free to put your own spin on these gift sets via our 'Create Your Own' section.

After all, winter is hard, but sending warmth? That's easy.

Now, let's dive into the fun part - the inspiration! We've curated six unique and thoughtful gift ideas, all designed to wrap up a little warmth and whisk it straight to his door.

Relax & Recharge

Just add a soothing face mask, The Groomed Man Co body scrub, a Black Blaze candle, and a pair of socks for that perfect at-home retreat during the colder months.

Old-Fashioned Fun

Unite the thrill of a puzzle with the rich flavours of the Starward old-fashioned cocktail to assemble the 'Old-Fashioned Fun' set, blending leisurely challenge with classic indulgence.

Refined Refreshments

Pair the renowned Famous Four Cocktail Set - featuring a Martini, Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, and Negroni - with a couple of high-quality Italian crystal tumblers. It's a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a top-tier tipple.

Steak & Shiraz

Pair a bottle of Shiraz with a set of Andre Verdier steak knives and Entrecote steak seasoning. It's the perfect selection for someone who appreciates the finer things in life - and a well-prepared steak.

Quiet Quality

To assemble the "Quiet Quality" set, select a book, add a leather card wallet, and a pair of comfy socks. It's a refined collection for those who value simplicity, practicality, and a quiet moment with a good read.

Campfire Comfort

Bring the "Campfire Comfort" to life by combining a cozy blanket, snug beanie, and a twin pack of pale ales. It's the perfect outdoor relaxation kit for any nature enthusiast who loves a good brew by the fire.

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Now's your chance to turn winter's chill into a warm glow. Take inspiration from our curated ideas and create your very own gift box. Just visit our 'Create Your Own Gift' section and assemble a bundle to melt his winter blues.